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Om oss

Skynest(prodiscus.se) startade 2012.
Efter samtal med grundaren av Prodiscus Kai bestämde sig Mats för att sprida Prodiscus i Sverige.

Vår historia har bara börjat...

Om Prodiscus (fritt från prodiscus.fi)
The first Finnish Frisbee manufacturer! Company was started in 2006, when Prodiscus proceed import Frisbee products to Finland and started resale. At the very beginning the sale was primary moved to web shop www.kiekkopiste.fi and in year 2010 Prodiscus started manufacturing the first Finnish Frisbee golf discs. In future Prodiscus will mainly focus on product development. In the beginning the selection will consist of discs, but soon there will be other products too.

Prodiscus is a crowing brad and the idea is to spread the Finnish Frisbee golf, -products and first of all the Finnish players to knowledge of all the people over the world. Therefore Team Prodiscus was also set up to represent this brand. And all the players are recommend as players as in personality for Finnish Frisbee spirit.



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